Save n' Spend Press Release:

Fat Eel Studios Release Save n' Spend 1.0

Fat Eel Studios is happy to announce the release of Save n' Spend 1.0 - a new money saving App for people who value their freedom to spend money and "live in the now".

Inspired by modern project management techniques, Save n' Spend follows the philosophy that you should not waste time trying to incorrectly predict the future, and instead head in the direction you want to go while adapting along the way.

"I keep meeting creative minds who really want to save some extra money, but aren't interested in planning out their spending future in detail or doing any kind of heavy budgeting." says Fat Eel CEO James Vanas.  "Sticking to a budget you made a month ago effectively means you are taking spending control away from yourself."

Save n' Spend features a user interface designed to give you the information that you need with minimal input.  Just enter an amount every time you make a purchase and Save n' Spend does the rest. 

"The current crop of savings applications aren't targeted at regular people" says user tester Matt Greenfield (Big Paua Software). "The kind of people that are willing to plan out their budget for the weeks or months ahead aren't generally the kind that need help saving money.  I feel that Save n' Spend gets around that problem in a unique way."

Save n' Spend is now available on the App store for US$3.99 (or equivalent in other currencies) in the Finance category.

Device Requirements:

* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later


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About Fat Eel Studios

Fat Eel Studios was founded by James Vanas in 2011 after considerable experience in the Pro Audio software industry.   Fat Eel Studios focuses on creating quality applications for iPhone and iPad, with a pleasurable user experience at the forefront of the design process.